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It was only when I went to sixth-form college that I encountered boys.I still don't know how to function around boys." Coel was the only black girl at her primary school, but feels that class rather than race was more significant in her upbringing: "Growing up on our estate, we were all different colours but we were all really poor.

After being closeted away in a girls' school and becoming a militant Christian, she's gone on to tell lurid tales of her sex life and is about to play a murderous webcam girl. Michaela Coel – poet, singer, actor, writer – arrives at our interview wearing a red American Apparel top she has bought especially for the photoshoot, and a buttoned-up chemise that's almost Victorian in its modesty, and somewhat at odds with the raucously sexual nature of much of her work. Sometimes you have characters that aren't even there – you just have to imagine them. Are the Wachowskis as much of a force this time around? It was a guerrilla kind of shoot, all over the world, where you'd just try to stay as open and flexible as possible when on set. The Wachowskis have a very complex way of thinking and of creating. Yeah, I'm really proud to be a part of that movement, to be on that side – to be a Jedi and not on the dark side. You’re in different environments and you have to act like it's really cold – it's that kind of stuff.

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