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Menopause: A change for the Good Menopause does not mean that you have to divorce your husband or your wife.

Both the partners can make their relationship stronger than before, by understanding each other’s needs and accommodating accordingly.

Instead, it has a profound effect on every single aspect of a woman’s life including relationships and marriage.

Dr Christiane Northrup has addressed the issue of menopause in her book titled ‘The Wisdom of Menopause’ and suggested that due to menopause the marriage of a woman is placed under a microscope.

According to her the women are not running away of marriages, but, instead they have for the first time taken control of their own lives when they walk out of a relationship.

This happens due to a slump in their hormones responsible for the caring and nurturing nature of a mother that occurs at menopause.

So the very moment a female becomes incapable of having children, her motherly instincts are chemically shut off too!

Menopause Affects Each Aspect of a Female’s Life Menopause should not be considered solely a syndrome characterized by a collection of physical and biological changes.

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in their 40s, 50s or 60s ( An American psychiatrist Louann Brizendine, notes in her new book, ‘The Female Brain’, certain novel surprising and controversial explanations to these changes in the stats of divorce that have a scientific basis.

It is a common perception that divorce, especially when it occurs in middle age is initiated by a male partner.

However, according to latest statistics, more than 60% or total divorces that occur after the age of 50 years are initiated by females ( In the past decades, the statistics of divorce has changed dramatically.

According to her, a woman’s brain is rewired by the hormone driven changes and these changes cause the woman to notice injustice and inequality and speak about these issues affecting the relationship of marriage. The hormonal shifts or changes of menopause do affect the working of a woman’s brain.

During menopause, the production of estrogen hormone is decreased, which implies that the oxytocin secretion is also lessened as oxytocin cells, which are present in the brain are stimulated by estrogen.

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