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Meanwhile, I can only guarantee matches with the Jamals and Akeems of the online dating world.It's no secret Bumble and the like are largely used by non-black romance-seekers, therefore my chances of finding the one, if I want a black husband, are slim.There’s no denying that today’s younger black women know exactly what they want in a man.They want someone who is successful, educated and ready to have a partner that is as strong as she is.

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Look for a great pic for your profile, but make sure it is recent and accurate – put the Photoshop away ladies!Still, I downloaded the app to see if I had a better chance of snagging an eligible suitor. I don't know how BAE knew to use my super-cute selfies, but I wasn't complaining.Basic stats like the city I live in, my age and occupation were also automatically filled in.Sometimes this pairing leads to an awkward exchange.Or, if both parties skip the coy act, it leads to a pre-first date.

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