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Appointing Hillary to head a committee on education reform, he instituted more rigorous educational standards and established competence tests for teachers.

Clinton also championed affirmative action, appointing record numbers of African Americans to key government positions.

After graduating from Yale, the Clintons moved to Arkansas, where Bill began teaching at the University of Arkansas School of Law in Fayetteville and thrust himself into politics. Clinton lost the race, but it was closer than expected, and the campaign marked him as a rising star of the Arkansas Democratic Party.However, in the spring of 1969, Clinton received his draft notice and was forced to return to Arkansas. The following spring, he met a bright young Wellesley College graduate named Hillary Rodham, who shared his political ambitions.Clinton avoided military service by enrolling in the ROTC program at the University of Arkansas Law School, but instead of attending law school that fall, he returned to Oxford (and later claimed he had permission to do so). The pair graduated from Yale in 1973 and married two years later in 1975.In 1974, he challenged Republican incumbent John Paul Hammerschmidt for his seat in the U. Two years later, Clinton was elected state attorney general, and then in 1978, at the age of 32, he easily defeated Republican Lynn Lowe to become the youngest governor in the country.Working closely with his wife, Hillary, Clinton set out on an ambitious agenda to reform the state's education and health care systems.

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