Christian dating advice how far is too far

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To ensure that physical acts are affectionate, a couple must thoughtfully decide when and how to progress physically in a healthy manner.

To know whether a relationship is ready for physical affection, one must first examine the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual bonding of the relationship, or the “friendship” elements.

In romantic relationships, the goal is to communicate in a loving, giving manner—to be affectionate.

Affection is defined as “tender and loving feelings” or a “stirring of loving emotions,” and it stems from a desire to affect someone’s heart, mind, or soul.

A healthy romantic relationship should be based on a friendship, with physical acts being the “icing on the cake.” A cake isn’t made with icing in the dough; it would never rise.

You must first make the cake (relationship) with the essential ingredients of flour (great conversation), sugar (fun together), eggs (similar moral values, spiritual agreement), and brown sugar (respect, honor).

Most important is that each couple should move slowly physically and focus on affectionate acts only.

Many young people have the misconception that the only options in physical intimacy are kissing, touching, and then sex.

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Some couples connect and grow spiritually before they do intellectually or emotionally.

In this way, the other intimacies support the physical.

All healthy physical acts should be an outpouring of the strong personal connection of the couple.

If one hasn’t bonded intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually with another, yet acts physically out of a desire to be physical, lust has control.

Relationships fail to develop in a healthy manner when lust takes over.

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