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The thing is the look on the west coast is to look effortless all the time, like you just threw on what you had on with no care in the world and still look fabulous. Creativity and entrepreneurship are alive and well in all parts of California. Now I can tell you how to grow a garden and what fruits and vegetables are good for each part of your body and why.No more Brooks Brother wrinkle free button down shirts and pearls for me! People don’t want to work for someone and slave in an office all day. Everywhere you go in LA there is a cleanse you can try or a miracle juice straight from the earth or vegans proclaiming meat, eggs, and milk should not be consumed. The East Coast is more down-to-Earth when it comes to bars. They will call and find a way to see you one on one.magazine lying around since the guy or girl is checking to see if they are in it.

Angelenos or Californians want to make it happen on their own terms and will sacrifice to have a better quality of life. This video with Jim Carey pretty much explains the juice craze. Wear your fleece, drive your pick-up truck or your wood paneled car that you have owned for 15 years. Living in LA is like living in an altered universe, but if you don’t get out every now and then, you forget the rest of the world is not California or LA.I am constantly amazed at the tech world, the entertainment biz, the travel industry, the fashion madness, and incredible writing communities here. Yes, I drive a new white BMW, but so does everyone else.I never saw this ever on the east coast, but perhaps because I was in DC. People on the west coast have maybe average five, at one time. So I guess I just fit in with the flashy masses in LA. Grown men tell the girl they hooked up with the morning afterwards that he really must catch that wave with his buddies.Let’s just say talking about world issues and politics is not what you typically hear at dinner conversations, more like drugs, threesomes, who is that sitting beside you, and what five parties can you hit in one night.Long gone are the days when I lived in Washington, DC and a guy I went out with was thrilled I was a teacher because it would help his political career, if he married me. In Connecticut, where I was raised, tattoos were considered “bad” and something only naughty girls got.

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