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This may seem like an area that is too technical for a sermon, but I think that the importance of the area justifies it.I don't have all the answers, but I think that you will be strengthened and reassured in your faith in the Bible as a result of what I have learned.As a result of these discussions and a considerable amount of research that I did, I wrote a couple of fairly long articles on radiometric dating and put them on my creation web page.One of them was copied to another frequently-visited creation web page.It was claimed that many different dating methods all agree to within a few percent on the ages of the fossils, and that there is no way to explain this except that these methods are giving the true ages. These different dating methods involve different decay processes, and it is not reasonable to assume that chance or some other process would make them all speed up or slow down by the same amount.At the time I could find few answers to these questions.It has been a struggle for me to try to understand the evidences and to learn enough about them to find the answers to these questions.

This area is a key support for the theory of evolution, which is undermining Christian values all over the world.But it is a serious problem when geologists say that they can measure the ages of these rocks by reliable methods, and that these ages turn out to be in the millions and billions of years range.So I believe that this question of radiometric, or isotopic dating, is one of the most important questions in the creation-evolution controversy, and one which Christians have to respond to.Also, these articles are among the most frequently visited articles on my web site.Here are some of the books I have studied in order to learn more about this subject: This book by Faure, written in 1986, is one of the main textbooks on radiometric dating.

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