Dating manners for men

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As a rule, a man holds the door for a woman; he offers his seat to a woman; he offers to carry something heavy; he walks on the side closer to traffic; he offers his umbrella; he gives more attention to his clothes and grooming in her presence; he is especially vigilant about his language; he does not pry into her private life.

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This truth, as other basic truths, is universally knowable, even though not universally known and practiced.We all, especially parents, have every reason to redouble our efforts to instill good manners and customary practices between men and women.Such practices are of course the responsibility of both sexes.More and more we tend to see ‘nature’ as something to re-mold according to our wishes, and we do not hear what she is saying to us about who we are.Women are deserving of special reverence not because of weakness, but because of strength.

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