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He was named one of the people in "Español's 25 Hottest Bachelors" in 2004.

Baez is of Puerto Rican, French-Canadian and Portuguese descent.

His characters were young, old, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Italian, American heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, black, brown, white, off white but always colorful.

Charles’s writing was bold and unapologetic yet sensitive and subtle, full of heart and soul and never ever without humor.

So that is my resolution and my commitment this year. The subjects of his plays varied from football players and cheerleaders “Somewhere in Texas” to getting “86’d” from an 8th Avenue, Port Authority NYC Hustler Bar to the story of”Jacob and Sara”‘ a newly married Orthodox Jewish couple living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn then “Back to the Barrio” and the bodega and cuchifrito culture of Spanish Harlem all the way overseas to an Italian family of circus clowns in “November 10th, 1989”.

TO TAKE GREAT PRIDE AND JOY IN CREATING, CELEBRATING AND EXPRESSING MY OWN UNIQUE PERSPECTIVES AND LOVE OF LIFE. His plays captured the universal humor and pathos of humanity but he also celebrated the subtle nuances of each culture also.

Whether you are an artist like Charles or an inventor whose creations actually change the plight of the world like Steve Jobs or you might just be a simple, kind, generous, loving, loyal family member like my dear (little grandmother) Abuelita who had such a profound effect on family, friends, and total strangers in her life alike.

What we do, how we choose to live, the actions we take to create our lives moment to moment from birth to death will continue to be felt and produce a resounding wave of meaning and significance in the wake after the wake.

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Then I was encouraged to write out a list of 5 things that I wanted to do/create/accomplish in the next 5 years. He was THE MOST creative and prolific artist and writer I have ever known.

I have never been this personally close to someone who has had such a profound emotional and meaning full effect on so many people in so many different ways .

And it has made me so much more aware of the importance of legacy. What are we going to leave for others to reflect upon after our time in this body is through.

As a writer he was the best gift any young actor looking to do meaningful work in the NYC theater scene could ask for.

I do not know where I would be as an artist if I hadn’t linked up with Charles and became an honorary “munster” of his Absolute Theater Co.

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