Kim kardashian now dating

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According to , Tyga and Osman were seen riding around together in Tyga's Bugatti. Obviously, stepping out with each other doesn't necessarily mean they're exclusively dating, but people are definitely 'shipping these two.If you don't recognize Osman's name, you'll definitely recognize her face — it's basically the same face Kim Kardashian has.

The rapper was constantly in the public eye while dating the youngest of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner.Uh, we guess that's one way to get back at your ex?Dating her sister's doppelganger, though — like Kamilla Osman, who might as well be Kim's twin — might be crossing the line. I'm a little confused by his logic, but it does seem like a total rich-person-on-a-reality-show thing to do so I'll roll with it.Cheban took it so far that him and Osman "accidentally" ran into Kardashian at the doctor's office.

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