Liquidating dividend from an investee

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An update article (London Activist Update) was published one month later, detailing the news that London successfully pressured the Korea Fund (KF) into a tender offer to buy back 10% of its shares. It is anticipated that the fund's benchmark would be the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

The 12 CEFs are: After several months of relative quiet in these funds, let's check back in with London to see what's been happening with the CEFs! At the fund's most recent annual meeting, as adjourned to Aug. The fund would trade on the NYSE American under a new ticker symbol, expected to be AEF.

strategy will seek to capitalize on Aberdeen's global emerging market equity capability by investing in a global portfolio of emerging market securities.

The consolidation of these closed-end funds will create a dividend generating emerging market closed-end fund that is larger in size than any of the Acquired Funds, which may help to provide improved liquidity of shares, a lower overall expense ratio and improved market awareness including research coverage.

31, 2019 (excluding leverage costs, tax and non-routine/extraordinary expenses). Part 1 of this article will look at TTF liquidation and what opportunities remain.

For more information on this consolidation, see the release. Part 2 will then look at the proposed roll-up of the Aberdeen CEFs into one.

The actual liquidation might take place several months after that.

Between 9/25 and 9/26, the discount inexplicably jumped by about 4 percentage points, from -13.62% to -9.69%, on unusually high volume.

Two curious things emerge from TTF's premium/discount chart above.

The first is that while London's initial involvement at the end of March caused an understandable spike in the fund's premium/discount value, the discount had actually gradually widened back again by about 4 percentage points during the subsequent months as the initial excitement abated.

I tried searching for any news from this period but I could not find any.

My inner skeptic thinks that something fishy is going on, but I'd be happy to proven wrong.

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