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Other than the use of six forgettable songs based on classical compositions, NAUGHTY BUT NICE finds Powell in numerous comedic situations, such as being served an alcoholic beverage instead of his usual lemonade which gets him so drunk that he shouts out, "YA-HOO," only to get photographed by news-hounds and picture being placed on the front page of every newspaper showing Donald swinging from a chandelier; Powell getting a "hot foot" (lighted matches stuck on his shoes) by Joe Dirke (Allen Jenkins), which causes the naive professor to take hold of his foot and jump up and down as he moans, causing the night club patrons to do the same, thus, the creation of a new type of dancing, a jitterbug number called "Corn Pickin'"; Donald getting vamped by Zelda; among others.

But what is supposed to be hilarious comes off somewhat forced.

However, he gets mixed up with the local mob boss and corrupt ...

An older woman discovers that her multi-million dollar fortune was based on embezzlement, so she sets out to right the wrong.

She goes to America to meet the young woman who is the one and ...

See full summary » Danny and Steve are migrant farm workers who wind up in Cat Tail, Florida.

Cat Tail is run by Madden Packing and Danny works for Madden while Steve works for the underdog farmer named Nick....

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