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In part it's because men date reflexively, rather than reflectively.And absent trusted friends to help him work through his dysfunctional dating behavior, he'll continue to drag his unresolved dating and relationship baggage behind him.These intimate friendships offer her safe haven where she receives unconditional support to help her recover from a failed relationship and work through other issues.She socializes with her close friends regularly, whether she's dating or not, i.e., lunches, dinners, vacations, frequent conversations, and activities.Men's divorce rates skyrocket for second and third marriages, in part because their baggage, their unresolved relationship issues, overwhelms their new marriages. But a man who's working on the issues that affect his dating and relationship behavior doesn't have to quit dating.

Boomers still have a lot of life to live, and while enjoying it with friends and family is warm and wonderful, sharing it with a romantic partner/best friend is the icing on the cake.Socrates said, "An unexamined life is not worth living," and while that seems extreme, a man benefits greatly from looking inward and expanding his consciousness about every aspect of his life.Boomer men seem to have unlimited stamina for dating, whether linked to libido or not, so quitting dating is anathema to most.One user recently asked other Redditors to share their worst Tinder experiences, and some responses might be enough to make you delete the app or quit dating altogether. It's why I relate to Taylor Swift so incredibly, and why when I started my blog, I knew "love" had to be a category. There's one quote that sticks out to me from the ever so popular "Aquamarine" (I'm bringing back Emma Roberts and Jojo circa 2006), but it goes something like this, "Love is the closest thing we have to magic." And you know what? Twelve-year-old me loved the idea of love, loved that it was something that supposedly felt like magic. But old romances aren't "classics." All they are is old. It's not romantic to be jaded, it's just plain sad.

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