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Caught between their own increasingly liberal outlook and the traditional constraints of their culture, young people here find it almost impossible to feel positive about their sexuality.The wide gap between the prescriptions of Islamic morals and the reality of their everyday lives is the culprit behind countless negative trends and flawed perceptions, from shockingly sultry girls' fashion to the prevalence of AIDS and hymen reconstruction surgery.Although it is technically illegal for unmarried couples to live under the same roof, he allowed his girlfriend to move in several months ago.The relationship is risky, as the two have no intention of getting married.When our parents are confronted with our needs, it's no surprise that there are many paradoxes, many differences in opinion." For two years, Marjan led a double life in front of her family because she secretly lived with her boyfriend.When her mother, the manager of a female dormitory at a small university in Tehran, found out about the relationship, she helped Marjan hide the reality from her father.

Now 26, Reza's leads a love life outside the norms of the society in which he was raised.

At the height of his infatuation, he conjured up a preadolescent fantasy that he shared with his classmate.

"I had made a childish rumor, imagining that I took the girl to the bath with me," he says. I just imagined that we were naked and this kind of stuff." But to the Islamic establishment, there was no innocence in the matter.

One day in mathematics class, a Basiji barged into Reza's classroom.

After a brief conversation with the startled teacher, he arrested Reza and his confidant and dragged them out into the school garden for interrogation.

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