Sharepoint site usage summary not updating

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In the following screenshot you can see the behavior of the engine within a Power Shell session, where we apply a template taken from a Team Site (STS#0) onto a Blog (BLOG#0) site.

Moreover, and still at the provisioning template level we introduced the capability to provision sub-sites breaking role inheritance and eventually copying role assignments from the parent site.

Based on community feedbacks, we introduced the capability to export the navigation settings from a site with the publishing features enabled.

We do not enforce any strict rule on that, but we simply raise a warning if you try to apply a template to a site that doesn’t share the same base template of the template’s source.Majority of these operations were based on the usage of the Pn P Remote Provisioning Egine.First of all, the new schema by itself deserves to be introduced.PNP, which internally is based on the Open XML package format.This is a great new capability, which allows to store a whole template (made of the XML template file, all the branding files, the .

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