Shutdown pc while updating

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Under System and Security Select: Run Maintenance Tasks8.

Select: Trouble Shoot as an Administrator If there were issues they should be fixed and you’ll see a green circle with a check mark indicating so.

You recommendation to do the following WORK FOR ME and I no longer have to wait for the shutdown and then hold the power button:2. Under System and Security Select: Fix Problems with Windows Update6.

Right Click: Windows icon in the lower-left corner of the task bar3. Select: Trouble Shoot as an Administrator I didn't realize I had a "windows update" issue because updates were being installed but the troubleshooter found and solved an issue and ever since then I have been able to shutdown completely with no help of the power button. Messages such as "this [solution] will not work for anything ..." is pretty general and may be misleading to others.

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If you are forced to resort to a clean install, then these things will prove extremely valuable.

I never get rid of third party data and programs I buy.

I download them, install them, and then back them up (along with any information I need to to re-activate them).

Go to the start menu, then settings, then system, then power & sleep. Windows can take a minute or so to shut the computer off even though the screen goes blank. If it never shuts off then time to check the power settings. I think most of the people here are finding out that their issue is TURNING OFF the fastboot item which is suddenly on by default.

Click on "Additional power settings" to get to all the settings you should be looking at. Microsoft doesn't want it to shutdown till they've completed using your bandwidth to deliver those updates if you haven't turned off the sharing of updates that Microsoft has stored on your computer. It's like peer to peer networking and until the download by whomever is being blessed by securing an update off your computer has finished, it may take a while to shut down. It means that an image has to be taken when shutting down to make the boot up a bit faster.

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