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Da wir für unsere Party Reihe "Salsa & Reggaeton" keine passende Location gefunden haben, haben wir diese Party nicht mehr veranstaltet.

Viele von euch sind deswegen traurig was wir durchaus verstehen.

Gold products are most often made using three components: gold, copper and silver (Au, Cu and Ag). In some cases, there are more components, but it occurs by far rarer.

To be more accurate, on changes of its percentage and composition. Gold of this hallmark is also often called Red Gold.

This is practically pure metal – in this form, it’s in the nature.

One of the most common myth is that the hallmark can be defined by the color of gold.

It’s absolutely wrong, as we’ve already figured out types of gold! Everything depends only on admixtures and the qualitative composition of the alloy.

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