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In addition, she has come up with a system to identify this in the future which will ensure the Trust doesn't miss out on this valuable revenue stream going forwards.

So thank you once again Julie for all you hard work...

Specifically Malcolm Keith and Phil Burridge for organising the event and staff in TIU and estates for supporting the exercise.

Lastly and most importantly our volunteers who took on the role of patients.

She approached me and asked how well I am coping with my new environment.

She gave me winter clothes and asked me if I still needed anything. I felt really sad, missing my family but it is nice to know that your fellowman can make you feel at home; even when you are miles away from your love ones.

On the 7.11.2017, stores was extremely busy in that the robots stopped working, the internet had gone and we couldn't work as normal and Stacey worked really hard in making sure all the ward's stock medication got out and helped me with trying to fix the robots. Nimali spent a day with us on the Sandbourne Suite and during the shift it became very busy.

Nimali was using her initiative and demonstrating her professionalism, ensuring that all patients received high quality care after surgery.

She behaved in a calm and professional manner in spite of provocation - well done and thanks.

I just wanted to say thank you to Julie for going through months and months worth of records to identify some important information that will benefit the Trust in the future.

It was a tedious and laboursome task but, Julie did it with her trademark cheerfulness and good humour.

Thank you for being an absolute rock for the OPAL Team this week, taking on a lot of the clinical case load and pressures from both Ward 26 and ED in the absence of other team members.

You work tirelessly and your efforts and hard work are very much appreciated by us all so thank you so much. He always tidies the linen room for us, and keeps Ward 2 stocked with enough linen for the weekend. We would like to thank Alan who is always working hard and also very helpful! to all the staff who made our fire evacuation exercise today such a success today.

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