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If true or not set, a new blob is created as head revision, and previous unpinned revisions are preserved for a short period of time.

You Google for answers and get all kinds of advice including one well known blogger’s suggestion to stop even trying to fix it, just uninstall all your Java bits, restart and download it all again.Setting this field will put the file in all of the provided folders.On insert, if no folders are provided, the file will be placed in the default root folder./** * Update an existing file's metadata and content. * @param string $new Description New description for the file.Service, file Id string, title string, description string, mime Type string, filename string, new Revision bool) (*drive. (void)update File With Service:(GTLService Drive *)service file Id:(NSString *)file Id new Title:(NSString *)new Title new Description:(NSString *)new Description new Mime Type:(NSString *)new Mime Type new Data:(NSData *)new Data is New Revision:(BOOL)is New Revision completion Block:(void (^)(GTLDrive File *, NSError *))completion Block // ... When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.

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