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Tell me about Nicole Cliffe [Ortberg's business partner and co-owner of The Toast].Nicole is in many ways my partner in almost everything.Sometimes anger is an appropriate response to a situation.[Criticising it is] a way of trying to keep someone from noticing or acknowledging something that benefits from going unacknowledged.

I feel bad about this question because I didn't choose the topic.I don't know who did, but you should ask them that question. If you ever question the status quo, you're obviously causing trouble which means you're not happy and it means you're joyless. I think that person is mistaking unruffledness for happiness and that's not the same thing at all.The idea that if you ever get angry about certain things then that means you must be angry all the time is another silly and odd thing to say.You once said about your readers at The Toast, "if men show up, that's great, but we don't need them." It's a view I share, but the idea that women might not need men in order to value what they and other women are doing still seems to provoke so much defensiveness and hostility. There are plenty of spaces out there that cater to men and that's fantastic. The community developed its own boundaries and figured out how to control its own borders.Why do you think that is and have you personally experienced that? Frankly, they're are a lot of great guys on the internet but they don't need a parade. And the vibe of the place is like a giant slumber party with all these cool women who share a similar sense of humour and who you feel simpatico with.

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