Zune updating device content

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That could very well still be a record amount of i Phones shipped, and with a higher price point it would likely also break revenue records. It seems like in the last few years every technology company on the face of the earth has developed some kind of alternative reality device or application.Current record is 78.3 million i Phones from last year same time. Of course the largest online video service You Tube is no different, not least because its owned by Google, who likes to innovate with technology.All seems to be well in the Appleland, and this would only suggest a new record-breaking Holiday quarter?

The share is the same as for any other subscription purchase on Apple's App Store, but streaming services aren't happy about that.Their contention is that the stories written by the news agencies are now part of the core business for Facebook and Google even though they themselves do not participate in creating the content or hold rights for them.Furthermore the payments are too small or nonexistent.There are still bugs and the device support is obviously something to be improved, and that's probably why it was released via Steam Early Access, but one can hope for quick updates in the future.European streaming music services aren't happy with Apple taking royalties from them, and they've signed a plea for European Commission to pressure Apple, The Verge reports.

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